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If you suffer from your body, stiff muscles of the shoulders, the neck, the back, legs etc. or you feel tense, nervous, hypersensitive, anxious and restless. Or you are very tired, lifeless, confused, despondent, depressed.
All symptoms that can be caused by everything we encounter in our daily life in our private or work environment. These are all good reasons to choose for massage and body therapy.
Through massage and body therapy you will experience that it becomes increasingly clear what your body has to tell you, you will learn how to listen to your body. You increase your body awareness. You learn how to support it and feel better about yourself. A massage not only has a great therapeutic effect, the different techniques promote cleansing of waste products in the body, give the immune system a boost.
A massage is of course also a blessing for deep relaxation to the core. For those who are well-balanced, but just want to relax, this personally tailored massage treatment is an excellent reason to make an appointment.

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Pregnancy is a special time, but at the same time it means a great deal of burden due to many changes for the female body.
These changes can make you tired faster. Not infrequently there are physical complaints such as pain in the neck, shoulder or back, pelvic complaints, fluid retention, poor sleep, headache and nausea. Pregnancy massage helps to reduce these complaints. Moreover, this beneficial treatment has a soothing effect on you and your baby.
The massage last 90 minutes in total. We start with a short intake and the treatment will be adapted to your personal condition.

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Baby massage

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Being carried, cradled, caressed, held, massaged, so many ways are available to us to feed a child, at least as indispensable as vitamins, minerals and proteins. Doctors and midwives point out time and again that baby massage promotes the baby’s physical and mental development. It also creates optimal contact between mother and child. You can probably still get the intimate feeling back when your baby was still living in your belly, the familiar movements and the very special contact, a safe and ultimate feeling of connection.
After birth, that specific contact is different. The massage can stimulate the connection in a very beautiful and safe and unique way. We are busy, and often put ourselves under more pressure than is good. Busy busy busy. By massaging you will notice that this pressure will disappears, because of the special moment you have with your child, you will notice that it not only has a soothing effect on your child but also on you. Because of the experience of the connection between you and your child, you will experience to reduce the pressure and to be able to put things into perspective better.

Baby massage is not a complicated technique. It is a natural, traditional, simple and age-old way that every mother and father can easily learn. You can start the massage when your baby is 5 weeks old. Moreover, it is not only nice to be together with a group of mothers with the children; it is also very inspiring and can certainly be supportive where necessary. The course is divided into two sessions of 90 minutes. After the course you will be able to give a full baby massage and you will have a beautiful experience richer.

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For all forms of massage, shall be worked as desired with a warm massage table, warm hammam towels, warm massage oils and a foot bath. Of course, all products with which to massage are on a natural basis. Before each treatment, a short intake takes place in order to be able to offer the massage treatment based on the individual situation, complaints and wishes. Naturally, before, during and after the treatment, ample time and attention will be given to what is needed to experience the ultimate relaxation.

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Classic energetic holistic relaxation massage in combination with deep tissue massage and aromatherapy.

90 min € 50,-

During this massage, different techniques are used to completely relax the body and mind. Muscles and connective tissue are first loosened, cleaned of waste substances with a coordinated powerful deep tissue massage.

A beautiful gentle combination of massage techniques ensures a complete state of relaxation to the deepest core.

Sports massage with deep tissue massage.

60 min € 50,-

Sports massage focuses on stimulating the blood circulation in the muscles. With, among other things, deep tissue massage, waste products in the muscles are removed faster, which promotes the recovery of the body.
The sports massage that loosens the connective tissue and in this way can repair injuries but also prevent injuries.
So with the sports massage you can relieve the body with overloaded muscles, but you can also activate the body and muscles with the treatment.

Chair massage for neck, scalds and back.

45 min € 45,-

This massage for neck, shoulders and back works with the mobile massage headrest where you are offered the massage while sitting.

Of course you can also choose the lying option on the massage table.

Hot stone massage

90 min € 60,-

During the Hot Stone massage, delicious warm oils and flat basalt stones are used to relax the muscles, improve blood circulation and promote general well-being.
The warm natural stones are placed on specific points of the body.
These points regulate the energy flows in the body and with the help of the massage with hot stones and sometimes cold stones, the balance between body and mind is restored.

Pregnancy massage.

90 min € 50,-

The pregnancy massage is mainly aimed at relaxation. During the short intake, it is determined, among other things, which position is most pleasant and best during the massage. The massage is done on a standard massage table. You can choose the table be heated or not. The technique is soft. Deeper massage techniques are undesirable during pregnancy.

For specific complaints, an adapted massage treatment can be given and specially targeted exercises can be given after the massage.

Rebozo Massage

90 min € 50,-

At Rebozo massage we work with cloths. This massage form and the cloths come from South America.
It is a massage form with different gentle techniques including pulses and closing rituals that give balance and relaxation in the body and mind.
This special massage technique is suitable for everyone, children, adults and seniors.
When used during pregnancy, this technique can be used before, during or after childbirth.

Shantala Baby massage course.

180 min € 60,-

The Shantala Baby massage course consists of two 90-minute sessions. During this cozy Shantala baby massage course you will experience that the massage not only has a soothing effect on your baby but also on yourself. The massage stimulates the connection between you and your baby in a warm and unique way. Your baby will, among other things, relax more, sleep better and have a positive effect on colic. Baby massage is not a complicated technique. It is a natural centuries-old massage technique that every mother and father can learn very easily.

You can participate in the course if your child is at least 5 weeks old.

The course can be taken in a group or individually at home.

Junior and children’s massage.

45 min € 35,-

The children’s massage at studio La Gente starts from 6 years old and can be given until puberty. It can be especially beneficial for sensitive, busy and highly sensitive children. The massage is soft with alternating light pressure points. This is not about the deeper manipulating the muscles. It is more about body and self awareness. Children’s massage helps with many different complaints, including headache, abdominal pain, constipation, but also fatigue and sleeping problems. It can also provide relief from fears, insecurity or hyperactivity behavior and other stress-related complaints.

After an intake interview with parent and child, the massage is tailored to the needs and situation of the child.

The parent remains in the treatment room during the massage of children under the age of 12.

Chakra Therapy Massage.

90 min € 60,-

The seven Chakras are centers of energy in the etheric body. The Chakras, which lie in a line parallel to the spine, act as the main reception and distribution stations of vital energy between the physical body and the subtle body. Each of the Chakras corresponds to a different gland and controls certain parts of the physical body and areas of psychic and spiritual development. When everything is in balance, this results in optimal health and vitality. If a blockage occurs due to physical or emotional trauma, this will manifest itself in the form of impaired function in the affected area or organ in the body. The Chakra Therapy Massage consists of at least two treatments.

During the first treatment, using a focus technique, among other things, we look at the situation with the Chakras where any blockages are present.
This will be mapped out and a treatment will be determined.
We then work with different massage techniques and targeted exercises.

Bach flower / therapy massage.

90 min € 70,-

This therapy takes its name from its discoverer Dr. Edward Bach, born in 1886. He came to understand that the cause of a disease, often lay in a negative psychological condition.
Bach has developed 38 blossom tinctures and a number of compound tinctures. Bach flowers help to keep emotions in balance. The flower remedies can help solve the blockages or other disturbances in the personality before this imbalance manifests itself in a disease or ailment, so that it can help preventively. When there is an illness, the remedies can help with a negative mood, so that there is more balance and harmony and help the body to better health. The use of Bach drops does not cause harmful side effects, are not habit-forming or addictive and can be used in addition to other forms of therapy are used.

Bach flower therapy can be a stand-alone treatment of one or more appointments, but can also be combined very well with the massage treatments.

Four-hands massage

90 min € 120,-

A four-hand massage is a particularly intense massage experience. This massage is given by two masseurs who not only give a nice massage with the four-hand massage, but also handle a beautiful ritual, which in turn has an exceptionally positive effect on the experience of the massage. Because there is a massage with four hands, the mind will no longer be able to follow this as is the case with two hands. This results in complete surrender and deep relaxation to the core.

To reserve this massage, contact us for booking at least four days before the desired date of appointment.


90 min € 120,-

A Duo massage is ideal to relax together and to experience a nice and cozy moment. You can do this with whoever you want. You can opt for a duo massage in the same room on two massage tables or in two separate rooms.
You can choose to both have the same massage or choose to have a different massage each.

To reserve a duo massage, contact us for booking at least four days before the desired date of appointment.

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Massages are good for body and mind. A massage makes the muscles supple and rids the body of waste. Promotes our self-healing ability and strengthens our immune system. It also has an effective therapeutic effect on various stress-related complaints, both physical and mental. A massage is of course also a blessing for a wonderful deep relaxation to the core.
All massages including rates, listed under the link massage options and prices, can be given on location.

Additional travel and parking costs are charged for massage treatments on location.

There are several benefits to a massage treatment on location.

  • If you are not mobile due to physical or other complaints.
  • A private environment can sometimes be experienced as more pleasant, safer.
  • You do not need to arrange a babysitter for your child or pet.
  • No travel or parking time.
  • You do not need to arrange a babysitter for your child or pet.
  • No travel or parking time.
  • Simply the luxury that you no longer have to move before, but especially after the massage, so that you can remain calm in the comfort of the massage treatment in your own environment.


  • For employees in the company, there are also many benefits of on-site treatment in the company itself. Time can be divided much more efficiently, by enjoying a treatment just before work during the break or just after work. It ensures less work pressure, better work performance, a better atmosphere in the workplace, less absenteeism due to illness. Contact me without obligation to make an appointment or for further information.