Hello dear people,

Welcome to Studio La Gente Practice for massage and body therapy.

My name is Anja Maas and I am the mother of a lovely daughter and I live and work most of the year in the Netherlands and the other part I live and work on Mallorca.

After my somewhat exact study Social Legal Services in 1982, a feeling and a thought started to occur to me that I should let my energy flow towards creativity, expression and art. It was during my studies at the HKU that I was pleasantly surprised with all kinds of bodywork and felt that my passion was born for this. Also in this time yoga comes on my way for the first time during the lessons of Hans van het Hart. I loved it and certainly didn’t know what an important role this would play later in my life.

I have lived, studied and worked abroad, Europe and America, for 15 years. I have worked on Mallorca for two fantastic companies Dham International superyacht dealer, and Kuhn & Partner real estate. After a lot of experience in management, I thought that the time was right for my own company. Euroconsult Project management has had a successful existence for 6 years as my own company on Mallorca. That beautiful, special Mallorca had stolen my heart and that has remained unchanged to this day.

2001, the arrival of the euro and the year I came back to the Netherlands. Back to my roots and to my passion that was born in 1982. After several years of various studies, training, courses and work experience in the field of massage and body therapy, Studio La Gente, Practice for massage and body therapy was founded in Roosendaal in 2007 and since 2020 in Mallorca. Yoga, massage, body therapy, Art and creativity, are still the way for me to bear the trials of this life well. It gives room for reflection, broadens my awareness, it sets me free.

I look forward to see you at Studio La Gente.

With kind regards,

Anja Maas.